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Tiarna Herczeg x 'The Wheel of Life' Collection

Tiarna Herczeg x 'The Wheel of Life' Collection


In a world where art and sustainability meet, Tiarna Herczeg, an Eora/Sydney-based painter finds her creative expression and the mission of Soyclay Vegan nail polish brand seamlessly aligned. With a shared commitment to sustainability, Tiarna's artwork and the earthy colors of Soyclay's nail polish collections beautifully intertwine to create a harmonious partnership.

The Wheel of Life nail polish collection features three new Soyclay shades – DijonMorandi, and Pachino – which are inspired by the force of life. This collection explores growth and inner strength, as we venture through the course of time. It connects resilience with vulnerability; passionate desire with phases of calmness. Like life itself, this collection is dynamic, emotive, and soulful. 


Finding Inspiration in the "Wheel of Life"

Among the captivating collections offered by Soyclay Vegan nail polish, Tiarna is particularly drawn to the symbolic "Wheel of Life." These collections, featuring three distinct colors, represent different stages of existence. The journey begins with Dijon, a mustard-yellow shade with hints of ginger and grey, signifying a fresh and vibrant start. As time progresses, we encounter Pachino, a burnt orange hue that exudes ambition, passion, and vitality—the essence of life's most spirited and eventful years. Finally, Morandi, a stoneware nude shade with warm grey and beige tones, represents introspection and contentment that comes with wisdom and experience. The ever-changing hues of the "Wheel of Life" mirror the profound philosophy that all moments are worth cherishing, and the impermanence of life is what gives it profound beauty and significance.


Tiarna's Art and the Wheel of Life

Tiarna, in her art piece "Marun-Marun madja/Bright rainforest," it finds a deep connection with the concept of the "Wheel of Life." This painting captures the inspiration of our collection and balances vivacity with serenity. It depicts a vibrant rainforest teeming with life. The richness and diversity of an ecosystem; the fluidity of growth, decay, and regeneration.

This artwork served as a transformative journey, pushing her beyond her comfort zone. She vividly recalls the moments of stepping into the unknown, painting with patience and attentiveness, and the wave of calmness that washed over her upon completing the piece. 

Through this collaboration, Tiarna brings her personal experience and artistic expression to the forefront, intertwining with the message conveyed by the "Wheel of Life."


Conveying the Message of Unity with Nature

For Tiarna, this collaboration represents more than just art and nail polish. It is a platform to share a vital message: the deep connection between humanity and the natural world. Through the collaboration with Soyclay Vegan nail polish brand, Tiarna aims to inspire others to recognise that nature itself serves as a wellspring of inspiration. By embracing our place as an integral part of nature, rather than separate from it, we can foster a sense of harmony and sustainability in our lives. Tiarna's art and Soyclay's vegan nail polish brand blend seamlessly to reflect this vision of unity and respect for the environment.


The collaboration between Tiarna Herczeg and Soyclay Vegan nail polish brand transcends the boundaries of art and sustainability. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of art to inspire positive change and encourages us to embrace our connection with the natural world. As we embark on this journey, let us remember that we are not separate from nature but an integral part of its intricate tapestry.


vegan nailpolish collection includes Morandi, Dijon and Pachino

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