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Nail Colours and Life Philosophy: Embracing Giorgio Morandi's Palette of Simplicity

Nail Colours and Life Philosophy: Embracing Giorgio Morandi's Palette of Simplicity


Giorgio Morandi, an Italian painter renowned for his muted and serene still-life compositions, left a legacy that extends beyond the canvas. His unique approach to colour and form offers valuable insights into embracing simplicity and finding beauty in the everyday.


Just as Morandi's art reflects a deeper philosophy, so too can your choice of nail colours. Here we'll explore how the hues of Morandi's palette align with life philosophy and translate into a nail colour collection that celebrates the essence of simplicity.

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Embracing Tranquil Neutrals

Morandi's paintings are characterized by a harmonious range of neutral tones. These tranquil colours reflect a life philosophy centered around embracing the present moment and finding peace in simplicity. Consider nail colours like "Blae," "Morandi," and "Soft Petal," all drawing from Morandi's palette and echoing the idea of slowing down and appreciating life's subtle beauty.          


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Balancing Contrast and Harmony

In Morandi's compositions, the careful interplay between light and shadow creates a delicate balance. This concept can be mirrored in your nail colour choices. Opt for combinations of light and dark shades like "Genmai" , exemplifying the duality of life and the importance of finding harmony within contrasts.

Nature's Serenity in Earth Tones

Morandi often depicted everyday objects alongside natural elements, fostering a connection between the human-made and the organic. Capture this connection with nail colours like "Cocoa," "Clay," and "Moss," evoking the serenity of nature and reminding us to find grounding in our surroundings.


Transcending Time with Classic Greys

Morandi's choice of classic grey tones in his artwork transcends trends, offering a timeless quality. Similarly, grey nail colours like "Morandi" and "Muted Charcoal" convey a sense of longevity and a life philosophy focused on valuing enduring qualities over fleeting trends.

Finding Joy in Subtlety

Morandi's compositions celebrate the beauty of simplicity and the joy of subtle variations in tone. Aligning with this philosophy, consider nail colours like "Waterlily," "Mauve," and "Haze," reflecting the idea that even the smallest nuances can bring immense pleasure and satisfaction.


sangria purple soy clay vegan nail polish

Honouring the Passage of Time

Morandi's paintings often feature weathered objects, showcasing the passage of time and the beauty that emerges from imperfections. Apply this philosophy to your nails with colours like "Midnight" and "Sangria," symbolising the richness that comes from experiences and the stories they tell.


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 sangria purple soy clay vegan nail polish

As you adorn your nails with colours drawn from Giorgio Morandi's palette, you're not just embracing a stylish trend; you're embodying a life philosophy rooted in simplicity, appreciation, and finding beauty in the ordinary. Morandi's art reminds us that life's most profound lessons can be found in the quietest moments and the most understated hues. So, let your nails tell a story of mindful living, as you wear shades that echo Morandi's philosophy—one brushstroke at a time.

Experience the depth of Morandi's palette and philosophy with our collection of nail colours inspired by his timeless artwork. Elevate your nail game while embracing a life of tranquility, balance, and the profound joy that comes from simplicity.

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