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Nail Colours Inspired by Australian Landscapes

Nail Colours Inspired by Australian Landscapes


Australia's landscapes are a treasure trove of natural beauty, ranging from the vast and rugged Outback to the picturesque coastlines and lush rainforests. The colours and textures of this diverse land serve as an endless source of inspiration, not just for photographers and artists, but also for those who appreciate the artistry of nail colors. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through the unique hues of the Australian wilderness and show you how to bring these breathtaking landscapes to your fingertips.

The Earthy Wonders of the Outback

The Australian Outback, with its arid deserts and rust-colored sands, offers a palette of warm and earthy tones. Imagine nails adorned in shades like "Cocoa", a rich terracotta reminiscent of the iconic Uluru, or "Clay", capturing the essence of sun-kissed dunes. 

Coastal Serenity and Ocean Hues

Australia's coastline stretches for thousands of kilometers, offering a spectrum of blues and greens that reflect the ever-changing moods of the ocean. Dive into shades like "Blae," mirroring the clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, or "Turquoise Tide," evoking the tranquil beauty of coastal bays.

Lush Rainforests and Botanical Greens

 The rainforests of Australia are alive with vibrant shades of green and a myriad of lush foliage. Embrace the freshness with nail colours like "Green Velvet," a deep emerald reminiscent of the Daintree Rainforest, or "Moss," paying homage to the iconic gum trees.

Sandy Beaches and Sun-Kissed Nudes


Australia's sandy beaches, kissed by the sun, inspire a range of neutral and nude tones. Consider "Soft Petal," a soft sandy hue, or "Silk," capturing the warmth of golden shores and carefree days.

Sunset Magic and Dreamy Dusk

Australian sunsets are legendary, painting the skies with shades of pink, orange, and purple. Translate this ethereal beauty onto your nails with colors like "Dijon," reflecting the hues of a summer evening, or "Haze," capturing the mystery of dusk.

Breathtaking Mountain Views

 Australia's mountains offer a mix of cool, serene colors. Picture your nails in shades like "Monet," inspired by the Blue Mountains, or "Genmai," mirroring the rocky grandeur of the Snowy Mountains.

Just as Australia's landscapes are an ode to nature's masterpiece, your nails can become a canvas for showcasing these stunning vistas. With nail colours inspired by the diverse Australian terrains, you can bring the raw beauty of the Outback, the tranquility of the ocean, and the vibrancy of the rainforest right to your fingertips. So, whether you're an adventurer at heart or simply someone who appreciates the splendor of nature, let your nails tell the story of Australia's landscapes in every brushstroke of colour.

Embrace the beauty of the Australian wilderness with our collection of nail colours that pay homage to the raw, untamed landscapes that make this continent truly extraordinary. Experience the essence of Australia, one nail colour at a time.

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